Services - GPS Tracking

Automatic Vehicle Locator

We provide Automatic Astin Solutions AVL Fleet Management System, which is a solution that can help companies to supervise and work settings automatically fleet vehicles and live tracking.

Technical Specifications

Generally Astin Solutions is a management system of a moving object. This system allows users to know the location and the route followed by an object or vehicle is monitored directly and automatically. Automatic means that users of the system can determine the location of the vehicle without driver assistance; all done by the existing engine systems. The position and the monitored vehicle can be seen in application through a digital map that is displayed on a computer screen. In addition to basic functions, this module also has various other functions, such as digital map management monitoring and reporting systems.

How It Works

MTU (Mobile Tracking Unit) installed in the vehicle / object moving. The device will automatically send information such as position data, time, speed, and other parameters to Tracking Server via GSM / GPRS / 3G.

Data is received by the server, processed to be displayed in a web form. Tracking moving objects by using the digital maps and map in the form of satellite photos, they are used to facilitate user tracking services use the facilities.

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